Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Barf

Can you have a hangover from a hangover? Had a few drinks (ok, maybe more than a few) with friends on Sunday night in celebration of my move, Tara's birthday, and in general, the fact we didn't have to work in the morning.Woke up yesterday with a watermelon instead of a head, and this morning I feel relatively rotten. I will endeavor not to give credence to the suggestion I might have caught Mike's flu, except to say that if I have, the blame for any calamity that may befall me in the days to come rests squarely on his shoulders. Ok, not really. Just wanted to see if I could pass the buck.

Today's 3-day weather forecast calls for snow just about everywhere between here & Salt Lake City. My recent conversation with myself/cats:
 "Holy cow! There's going to be snow! Oh barf. Well, maybe I could delay a day? No? Still going to snow? Another day? Still snowing? What the hell?"
I don't know why I was so bloody surprised. There is clearly some sort of disconnect between reality and my perception of reality. My activities over the last 24 hrs included:

  • Putting snow tires on my car.
  • Getting blankets ready of the trip.
  • Setting aside gloves & hats & scarves.
  • Digging out my coffee thermos.
  • Saying "Wow! Looks like snow" enough times to be obnoxious.
And still, I can say part of me is genuinely surprised it's going to have the gall to snow on the first day of my trip! Snow in Washington is the worst because they all turn in to a bunch of panicky morons. Should be fun!!

Ok, enough avoidance. Today is errands, laundry & packing day 1.

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Amber G said...


Some helpful tips from BCAA about driving in the snow and what to carry.

Do you have a block heater in your car? If you do, is the cord somewhere you can easily access if you need to plug it in? Have you had your battery checked? Cold weather does all kinds of nasty things to car engines. Which is why I moved south out of the snow!

Hope your drive is interesting but safe. Trust your instincts. Take pictures!