Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Swine Flu & Mutant Killer Bees

I dreamt some messed up dreams last night. The strangest, and oddly also the most plausible was about mutant killer bees.

Well, actually they weren't exactly mutant, they turned out to be giant cockroach sized killer bee ancestors, which had been preserved underground in stasis for thousands of years. Construction disturbed thier resting place and woke them up.

As if this wasn't already weird enough, I haven't even got to the cool part yet. One solitary bee awoke, and went in search of prey. Apparently, ancient mutant killer bees don't just bite you, they burrough in to you and lay eggs that that push their way out of their victim's skin (looking like some kind of plague in the process) ultimately killing the unfortunate sop.

Now that you have the basic idea, I can say that the dream was spent running from, hiding from, and trying to find something that would kill off the not so little buggers. And there were guns. Big ones. I'm pretty sure we used them to shoot the bees, and not the other way around, but things are a little fuzzy. Kinda fun actually, and it would make an awesome movie or video game.
But why did I have such an outrageous dream? I blame it on the Swine Flu mania going around. There's no getting away from it. People, it's the flu for christsakes. Wash your hands and eat some soup.