Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Fork in the Road

I'm having a bad day.

Haven't slept much in the last couple of days due to excessive preparing and packing for SOAR. (SOAR stands for Spirit Of Adventure Rendezvous- a week-long jamboree style camp of girl guides from BC, Canada & around the world, held every 3 years) I'm just about all packed- gear for 7 girls & 2 adults takes a lot of planning! We leave tomorrow, and I look forward to posting pics and detailing our adventures. This will be my 'Last Hurrah' in Girl Guides as a leader, and I'm looking forward to being responsibility free! I'll miss my girls though. Some of them...

We had quite a bit of rain today and part of the ceiling in the backroom of the library caved in. There was water, ceiling tile and rat droppings everywhere. *disgusted spasm*

The highlight of my day, so far, has been impaling my index finger with a fork. Yes, I stabbed myself with a fork. Just a tip- don't store your forks in the drying rack prongs up if you're a clutz like me!