Monday, August 13, 2007


Max, and our furry-slug Leo, are monkeys. Just for the record.

All last week we've had the kickplate off of the front door, so that the building could lay down new carpeting in the common areas. The boys seemed to think this meant it was fair game to send every single one of their toys shooting out into the hall. I can't imagine what the neighbours must think when they see the blast zone around our door consisting of furry mice with their tails ripped off, string toys with mangy half eaten feathers, and of course, a large assortment of balls.

Leo has been continuing his regular water sports, including sneaking into the shower, 'helping' us brush our teeth, and jumping into toilets. He has, however, added a few more activities to his repertoire. The most inventive is what I like to call 'Bathroom Ballet". It's a special dance he does whenever Sean's in the bathroom. It's sort of a mix of jumping at the doorknob and writhing around on the ground. Also, to compensate for now being too big to fit underneath the entertainment centre, Leo has discovered that he can now jump from the floor to the kitchen counter (which he couldn't do until now), and therefor, from the counter to the fridge and fridge to cabinets. Was he ever proud of himself when I got home! Lord help us.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Can't everyone just stand still for a minute?! I need to catch up!!

Right now, I'm sitting on my imaginary lawn chair watching life fly past me from the middle of this lovely tornado. Trouble is, I think the chair's about to pack it in...

Apparently, even if you're throwing tradition to the wind, there is still a modicum of preparation required when having a un-wedding. Like, um shoes. Yeah, I just realised I'll probably need a pair of shoes to go with my dress. A marriage liscence might also come in handy... but only if we can get a marriage commissioner. I think it's going to be a busy weekend.

On a brighter note, our crappy old fridge is spewing orange mystery goo, so I think we'll be buying a new one this weekend. Then I'll fill it with vegetables- mwah-ha-ha-ha!! Just kidding Sean. The washer is also expelling it's own special goo, but if it thinks that's enough to get it off the hook, it's got another thing coming.