Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Back!! ... Did I mention I was going?

So I'm back to work after having a week off, and I'm feeling much more patient with our youngest & oldest customers, as evidenced by the fact I've left them alive.

No, it was not a 'mental health break', thank-you very much. Honestly though, another few days and it might have been.

I decided to take a week off 1) because I hadn't had a whole week off since we were in New Brunswick last summer, 2) because I have 1 week of holidays more than my husband does, and 3) because I was getting really bloody sick of stupid people.

I work in libraries, and my job is to help people find/get/do what they need. I love my job. Unfortunately, when you're on the 'front lines' of customer service, you can get a little burnt out. And I was. Especially in reference to little brats and old farts. Um, I mean little children and the elderly. I'm doing much better now. No, really- I am. There hasn't been any more bloodshed and I almost even mean it when I say "Have a great day!".