Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today was one big foodgasm

What a day.

After 2 weeks of strict diet eating (NO CAFFFFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEIIIIIINNNNNNE!), Sean & I took my folks along to Eat Vancouver. Ooooh baby, what a cheat day.

Basically, EV is a great big food fest/trade show with dozens of exhibitors, vendors, and demos. We went last year and discovered some great things (the worlds' best BBQ sauce for one... which turned out to be unavailable west of Ontario), sampled some wonderful food, and marvelled at the cook-off contestants. This year was much of the same, but we kicked off the day at the celebrity chef stage to watch Food Network's Bob Blumer. He made pizza on the BBQ which we are definitely going to have to try very soon.

We came home with tons of freebies (Yay!), a case of the coveted 'Canadian Club BBQ Sauce', and strangely enough, some all natural Kitty litter. We also brought home some Dog treats seeing as how the cats (or at least Leo) think they're dogs anyway.

For lunch (we actually didn't eat much at the fest- been there, done that.) we went to Kaplan's Deli. Located in the heart of Vancouver's Jewish community, Kaplan's has been a landmark of good eats for over 40 years. Man, can they make a sandwich. I had a Chicago-Style hot dog (beef, of course) with kosher pickles, relish, mustard, peppers and who knows what else. It was bigger than my face. I will gladly admit, that despite all my yuppie-west coast tastes, my all time favourite food, in the entire universe, bar none, is the glorious hot dog! And that was the best one I've ever had.

We wrapped up the day at the pub, with my work friends from the library (Sean likes to come because apparently we're amusing). It was nice having so many spouses/partners there. It was also great seeing everybody, since currently I am working elsewhere (a quaint community library on the wrong side of Hell).

All in all, a wonderful day- and sunny too!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Shorty Don't Play Dat!

Those who know me well can attest to the fact that I do not bake. Bad things happen when I bake.

The things is, all this 'Ooopsie' stuff has been making me curious and tonight... I'm making meringue cookies.

Hopefully, all will go well. When I told my Mom what I was doing she said, "Well, if they catch fire, just do what you did in High School and hurl them off the deck!". Good advice Mom.