Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wait... What the Hell? What do you mean it's the middle of April?

Yes, as you may have guessed, I've been in a coma. It started late last year, and I've just come out of it. Of course, the first thing I do is let you know. I'm considerate like that.

Is it a coincidence that my coma coincided with all of the best TV shows being on hiadus? No comment...

Ok, fine. I wasn't in a coma. Stuff was just happening. How can I blog about nothing when stuffs hapening?!

Since it HAS been more than 4 months since I blogged, I'll give it to you in point form:
  • Visited Sean's family in NB. Had a great time! It didn't snow a single flake while we were there much to my delight & Sean's dismay. Our Nephew has grown soooo much. We have too, only Sawyer grows up, and we grow out...
  • Vacationed with my Parents and Sister in Oregon. Again, freakily good weather. Drank lots of wine, ate lots of crab, took lots of Pepto.
  • Signed up to read 75 Young Adult/Teen books this year and blog about it. Ooops. Well, I have been reading a freaking ton of YA literature, but the bloggy bit has been on the back burner... scorching.
  • Convinced ourselves we were moving out of the country. In our minds we were already there, the apartment was picked, the piss-off letters to jerk-faced 'friends', neighbours & coworkers had been written (by me anyway- I was going out with a bang!), and our hearts were pretty much set on it. Then it didn't happen. Life's sometimes like that. I think we both just needed a change so badly that we grabbed on too soon & too tightly.
  • Ate One Hundred corn-dogs is one sitting.
  • Ok, I was joking about that last one. It was only 97. (and a dream. a very delicious dream)
So that's a start anyway. There's lots of interesting things to come, so I'll keep ya posted.