Saturday, February 26, 2011

What am I going to DO?

When people hear that my husband & I have moved across the continent, and into a strange and foreign land, their first question is always 'Why'?

That question is easy enough to answer; Sean was offered an excellent opportunity in Baltimore, and his current company wasn't treating him very well. We don't have kids, and it seemed like the perfect chance to try something and somewhere new. I could elaborate, but that's the gist of it.

The next question is always a lot harder to answer; 'What are YOU going to do?'.

The truth is, I have no idea.

I can't legally work in the states. Thankfully we'll be able to make ends meet without my having to do any under-the-table nannying or dog walking, which is fortunate because I'm not a huge fan of drooling and poop. Human or canine.

I've tossed around some ideas of my own, and have had an outpouring of suggestions from friends and family.  For kicks, I thought I'd list a few of them below, and if you'd like- leave a comment on which I should take up, or suggest something new!

  1. Take my yoga practice to the next level and become and instructor. (To be honest, I'd need to at least get good at it before entertaining this one, but a good idea nonetheless)
  2. Train up those important thumb muscles and hone my hand-eye coordination by playing video games all day. (I really like this one...)
  3. Write a Baltimore food blog. (Maybe even answer the eternal question of how come a city so close to New York can't make an edible slice of freakin' pizza for chrissakes!)
  4. Polish up my Spanish and work illegally in a restaurant kitchen.
  5. Learn to sew. (I got a C- in high school sewing. I sewed the sleeves of a sweatshirt on backwards- like cuff to shoulder. I didn't think it would matter as much as it did. They were also much too long. Sort of like a shirt for an orangutan or sloth or something. I still have no idea where I went wrong.)
  6. Learn to play the banjo.Banjo For Dummies I am seriously considering this suggestion.
  7. Do some online courses. Almost as much fun as cleaning toilets, but much more expensive. 
  8. Make babies. (Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. No comment.)
  9. Write a book. This seems to be one of the more common suggestions, possibly because if I were writing down my stories, I wouldn't be telling them to people, and they could have a brake from listening to me talk.
  10. Cookie of the day blog. Sean suggested this one, and selflessly offered to help eat the fruits of my labour. And by fruits I of course mean cookies. I have vetoed this suggestion as I have no intention of making myself a widow any time soon.
So what do y'all think? Have you ever been out of work? Any ideas?
*Also, a quick shout-out to my loyal readers in the Netherlands. Hallo! Welkom!*


Jody said...

I pictured you as the perfect housewife - maybe because it's a dream of mine. I figured you would become the type of person that goes to the market every day to get fresh food for that night's meal. Being the chef-y type of person you are...and making great meals. I figured if you eventually got bored you might volunteer at a library (if you can stand to look at one). Truly, this vision is probably my dream pushed on you...but there it is.

Eunice said...

I LOVE THE BANJO!! Maybe you'll inspire me to pick up the harmonica!! Or I can make weird noises with a jug!! LOL. Maybe we could go on tour with King Charles as you confess your mutual love for the Royal Family....(sigh).

The sky is only limited by the glass you put on it! Woah, that was deep.......time for a brownie.

Amber G said...

Mmmm brownies. I still dream about those vegan ones you made for the candle party Holly. *hoping I dream of brownies tonight!