Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Highways & By-products of Pre-historic Life.

I have a brilliant idea for a new reality show! Here's the pitch; take an unemployed Librarian, put her in a compact car with 2 overactive cats, then have her drive 5,100 kms in the winter. Now that would be entertaining!

Well folks, are you ever in for a treat!  In 3 weeks time, this blog will be bringing you EXCLUSIVE coverage of just such a voyage. Due to factors that are out of our control, it looks like our best option to get both the cats & the car safely to Baltimore in a timely manner is for me to drive them. As you can imagine, most parties involved do not like this idea, but what can I say? Nuts to them.

I'm up for an adventure, and I certainly have the time. Will it be dangerous? Maybe a little. Will it be harrowing? Yeah, probably. Will I end up spazzing out and having a nervous breakdown by the side of the road? Umm... no comment. All I can say is I will be very well prepared, I will be cautious, and I will take my sweet time. How many people get the opportunity to drive all the way across the continent? How cool is that!

To change the subject and maybe divert your attention enough to keep you from lecturing me about the dangers of winter travel in the comments, let me tell you about the muffins I made last night.

I have an awful lot of leftover food stuffs in my pantry & freezer, and having been brought up in a family that wastes nothing, I feel really, really guilty. The unopened packages I will be donating to a local women's halfway house, but I've been trying to use up what I can. I rummaged around and decided to make some muffins with what I have on hand, altering a recipe to fit my ingredients. I came up with chocolate-cherry muffins. I soaked some chopped dried cherries in brandy and added them, some cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips to the batter. Well, I have to report that something was not quite right. They turned out looking like petrified dinosaur poops. Seriously, I could punk the whole paleontological community by burying a few of these. Strangely enough, they taste pretty good, but eating something that looks like a turd takes a certain level of mental (& emotional) fortitude that I just don't posses right now. Instant oatmeal it is.


Amber G said...

Did you get the happy cat hormones? You can get them from vets and they help mellow out stressed cats. I think they are just sprayed on or near the cat or traveling container. I've heard they really help and stressed out felines will not make wonderful traveling companions:/

Hope the trip goes as smoothly as possible and I know you will Be Prepared. All those years of Guiding will come in handy now!

Looking forward to hearing about your wild ride across the country and hope you have time to take some pictures too. It is a pretty cool thing to do:)

Quill said...

I tried the hormones on a short trip, and unfortunately, they didn't help my little guys. Will be talking to the vet on Tuesday about getting something a little stronger...