Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend (late post)

This weekend I bought stuff from Amish people. That was kind of cool.

There's this place nearby called the Pennsylvania Dutch Market. It took me awhile to decide if these people are really Amish, or just dressed that way, but I've come to the conclusion that nobody would wear their hair like that just for a job. From what I can gather, though it is run by Amish, most of the goods being sold are bought wholesale from elsewhere. Either that, or the Amish have started raising their meat in feedlots & with antibiotics, and slapping 'made in China' tags on thier knick-knacks. Still, it's a neat place, and they make a lot of fresh baking every morning, and soft pretzels which are chewy, salty and amazingly delicious. Writing that made me realize I've skipped lunch!

After the market we swung by the local garden center and picked up some herbs to plant in a window box. I don't have them planted yet, and so far the boys have not tried to eat them, so all's well. Pretty lazy weekend.

Our furniture (the first batch, at least) will be arriving on Wednesday! Yay! It's been like living in a studio apartment, so I'm really looking forward to gettting the bedroom set up... even if it does mean a few days of putting things together.

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