Thursday, January 24, 2008

We are the Champions!

I have learned this week, that union school is not only about organizing, solidarity and the bettering of working people everywhere, it is also a long-standing institution steeped in tradition.

Last night I experienced the pinnacle of these traditions; Harrison Winter School Choir.

At school, each course is required to participate in two activities; Wolleyball, and the choir. The winners of the Wolleyball tournament were announced last night, and scores were based on a combination of immense skill and style. There could be no doubt that we would take the trophy... and we did!! We were overjoyed, and felt slightly less guilty for starting all those rumours in the hot tub about our athletic prowess.

The Choir competition went a bit like this...

Each class had their turn to get up on stage and perform an original hit to the music of a recognizable song. There was some Joplin, Beatles, Monkeys, Cash, and of course, our very own submission; 'We are the Union' formerly by Queen.

Now, the trick is, you really don't want to win this competition. The winners are required to sing again at the dinner dance tonight, and it's sooo not worth it. So, most teams aim for a solid 4th place, and we thought that was a good tactic. Our choir leader Brenda wrote a very short song (34 words-we were given heck for having to bring up song sheets), and we made a plan to dim the lights and do the whole lighter/cell phone concert thing.

The scoring was based on 5 categories, each with a possible 10 points; Harmony, Rhythm, Lyrics, Music and Perspicacity (don't ask).

We thought we had it in the bag- our song was too short and simple to really be any good, and we thought is would be fairly evident we didn't put a whole lot of effort into it. However, if I've learned anything from my course here at Harrison (and I've actually learned alot) it's that it's never a good tactic to assume.

The judge thought we had a hit! We were crushed. Some of us hysterical. How could this have gone so wrong!? We were awarded a 47/50, and our closest competition so far had been 39/50. (one class got a 9.)

The next half hour was extremely tense as we crossed our fingers and prayed to the gods that some other class would get a better score. A few were close, but nearing the end of the evening, with 2 classes to go, we were still in the lead.

The Health and Safety class was second to last to receive their scores. First, a 9... then a 10... then another ten (we start getting really hysterical at this point...) and another... the final score he pondered and had us to the absolute edge of our seats until he announced another 10! We Lost!!! And we've never been soo happy!

So, a first at Wolleyball and second at Choir. You can't do any better that that! (or at least nobody wants to.)

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