Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rock & Rich

Concerts always seem better when you're stoned. You start feeling the music and tasting the colours, and all of a sudden you're having a really great time.

That's not to say I plan to get stoned when I go to a concert, but out here in BC, at many concerts, all you have to do is show up and breathe and you're done. You might be feeling pretty good, but the guy behind you (and four seats to the left, and two rows ahead, and across the isle, and...) must be pretty out of it.

There is probably too much pot at concerts out here; it keeps alot of people away from events. But alas, that is another post.

So, last night a few friends and I went to the Emerson Drive, Terri Clarke and Big & Rich concert. Emerson Drive were pretty good, Terri Clarke was awesome and Big and Rich were... entertaining.

Big & Rich are a strange bastardization of country and hard rock and rap. They came on to the stage wearing mad hatter top hats, rhinestone studded wranglers and cowboy shirts and of course, floor length fur coats. They looked ridiculous, but they looked Rich. They also brought their friend Cowboy Troy; a black cowboy rapper who has gotten a little chunky and could stand to buy a bigger pair of pants. During the concert, they dropped streamers and confetti from the ceiling, and threw dollar bills out into the crowd. The finale included burning and smashing guitars, as well as their dancing midget mascot; Two-Foot Fred. Yes, he really is two feet tall, but they give him his very own throne.

I went solely to see Terri, who put on an awesome show. She played all her hits as well as a couple new songs from her upcoming album. She had a great dialogue with the audience and a wonderful stage presence. Her guitarist was fantastic. I would have paid the same to see just her.

Big & Rich surpassed my expectations, if not in talent, then in showmanship. They were truly entertaining. Or maybe that was just all the pot smoke I breathed in.

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