Thursday, April 26, 2007

The word of the day is Cephalopod.

Last night, to thank me for helping him clean his apartment, Sean took me to my favourite restaurant even though he really doesn't like it. (very, very sweet of him) We went to Guu; that japanese pub on Thurlow just off Robson and it was great as usual- except for the service, but whatever. My favourite dish (well, untill last night when we had the grilled black cod with ponzu sauce- that was awesome) is the grilled squid legs with spicy mayonaise. Since they're very long, to eat them, you need to pick them up around the middle with your chopsticks, and bite near the top where it's tender (chew, swallow). Then, take another bite, and if you can't sever the legs with your teeth, suck them up like spaggetti. Beleive it or not, this is the least messy and probably best way of eating the little suckers, and has the added bonus of making your dinner partner turn several shades of green. If you're really lucky he might compare you to a lizard or a sea monster. Then you can slurp up another batch and get even. Hee heee heeeee he he....

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