Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week at a Glance

Well, I have to say, it's been a hell of a week, and, if my spidey sense serves me right, we'll be in for an extra helping this coming week.

Last Saturday, Sean moved in, and that was a fiasco in itself. See Sean's blog (don't worry Babe, no links!) for details. I especially liked the part when Creepy Moving Guy #1 says I look really familiar. I didn't recognize him- I'm really good at remembering faces I wish I could forget.

On Sunday, we did lots and lots of errands- but got very little actually accomplished, except for something we never set out to do in the first place; we adopted a kitten! We'd swung by the pet supply store, and they have a (crazy) lady who comes by on weekends with rescue kittens for adoption. We'd been talking about getting a 'Leonidas' for Max to play with, but Sean insisted that he had to be gray with blue eyes. None of the kittens there fit the bill, but as we were going to leave one started meowing bloody murder and the crazy cat lady had to take him out of the cage. She was busy with customers, so I offered to hold him... and he promptly jumped into Sean's arms, curled up into a purr-ry ball and fell asleep. Sean decided he'd found his 'Leo' after all.

The week was a blur. I can't even straighten out the days. I went to coffee (well, tea actually. I've given up coffee!) a bunch of times with friends I've been neglecting for weeks. The Guide meeting on Thursday was especially crazy as we had our annual 'Coffee House Open Mike' and all the girls brought their poems, stories and art to share. And of course, chocolate fondue. Every evening was a hockey game as the Red Wings and the Canucks play on alternate nights. And, oh yes, unpacking. Still working on that.

I'd like to add that there was also a full moon this week, and anyone who works with the public can attest to the weird goings-on that happen around this time of month.

What happened this weekend? Um, well... oh yeah, multiple trips to Ikea, Home Depot and the 'Stuporstore'... lots of cleaning... unpacking and assembling... and we went to see 'Hot Fuzz'. Me for the first time and Sean for the second. It was freakin awesome!!!! Go see it right now! How about now? Well, what about now? ... Now?

The cats are, um... exuberant. They're finally getting along- actually they seem to have become good buddies... almost, and Leo has definately brought out the best in Max. Last night we watched Leo pick a fight with Max (jumping at someone's face claws out will do that.) and Max pin him down, ignoring Leo's flailing paws, and groom him. It was the funniest thing. Maybe I won't have to call Leo 'Stinky' much longer. Really dude, Spartans shouldn't smell like that.

BOB points: 7

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