Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Full House

Last Friday afternoon, the lower mainland experienced a short thunderstorm. We don't have them very often, and this one was unusualy fierce. There was only one big strike, and it hit with such force that people felt it over 50 kms from where it struck.

Which, incidentally was the roof of my parents' apartment building.

Long story short, the lightning hit the building (one of two 16-floor towers in North Delta), travelled down, frying the electrical along the way, before overloading and setting fire to the back-up generators and travelling up the second tower to fry them too. There was smoke everywhere, the power went out, and the buildings were evacuated.

Thinking this would be a minor hitch in their evening, my Mom, Dad and sister Melo hurried out of the building and settled in at the pub next door for dinner and a few drinks while waiting to be let back in to their suite.

They're still waiting.

Mom, Dad & Melo have been living with us in our 950 sq ft condo since Friday night. My little bro is staying with friends in the city, but I'm told he's been by to raid the fridge. My parents have our room, my sis is in the spare room, and Sean & I are living tatami-style in the living room. I love my family, and we all get along pretty well, so it hasn't been too bad, but everyone's wanting to get back to their own lives. My poor husband has been nothing but gracious & patient as circumstances have disrupted his gaming, hockey, and rest. I owe him big time.

Right now, it looks like they might be able to get back in to their place this Thursday night. I guess we'll see!

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