Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The folks are back in their place (they were here for a week, then in a hotel for a day or two), and life is returning to normal. We were both exhausted this weekend, so we didn't do a whole lot, just vegged out during the day, and I went out with a friend on Saturday night.

Yesterday I went out with my Mom, and we spent a few hours shopping at the Gourmet Warehouse. What an awesome store! They have everything from pots & pans, to knives, dishes, exotic ingredients and spices, to amazing (and often ridiculous) gadgets. I didn't spend much money, just bought a new cookie sheet, some Jones' Birch Beer for Sean & some orange blossom water which I think I might use to make some homemade marshmellows.

Today I'm at home. I've had a couple bad allergy days, and today is about as bad as it gets, so I've taken a sick day. My eyes have finally stopped running long enough to blog. This friday I see my doctor & my naturopath for results of my allergy testing and other fun medical related garbage. My Doctor has always been happy with prescribing meds instead of getting to the root of the problem and fixing things naturally, so I have to be vigilant and ask questions. As for the naturopath, I think she's probably a quack, but I'm trying really hard to reserve judgement until after I have my allergy results and hear what she has to say. In other words, if she prescribes ground up monkey brains to fix a runny nose, I'm outta there! 

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Jody said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. I hope you get some answers at your appointments. Wouldn't it be great to know just what you are battling? And if you can avoid some of it? If not, then I say medicate (natural or pharmaceutical) to feel better. I've developed some seasonal allergies since Sawyer was born. It's a week or two of Reactine and I am back on track.