Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just an ordinary day...

Today is just an ordinary day. Nothing wrong with that. I've had my two cups of coffee, breakfast and a Pepsi in the car, (ok, for accuracy's sake, it was a Diet Cherry Coke, but that doesn't mean I'm switching sides!) and a phone call to my best friend.

At work, we unlocked the bookdrop because Halloween is the one day of the year we lock it overnight. You don't even want to know some of the things I've seen in bookdrops... not too pleasant.

We got our first SPUD delivery today. SPUD stands for Small Potatoes Urban Delivery, and they are a company which will deliver local organic produce and groceries to your home or work. Check out their website here. We haven't eaten any of it yet (I'm still at work), but it looks terrific! Even better than I'd hoped!

Last night we only got 2 trick-or-treaters, and they don't even really count because I ambushed them in the foyer of the building. It's too bad actually, the kids are soo cute in their costumes!

Tonight we're going to have some steak done on our new indoor grill (Thanks Jeff & Jody!), some mushrooms and a nice big salad (green for me, greek for Sean). Everything is local & organic- even the beef! I was really surprised that it doesn't cost much more at all to buy mostly organic and local. The difference is we're not buying any processed foods (for the most part) and that saves a lot of money. It also means I have to bake more, but I'm getting used to that! Quinn Family Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies tonight... if Sean can keep me away from the XBox.

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Jody said...

Maybe something like...The Ways of the Newlywed Woman....or some play with the word Wife...I will think about that.