Thursday, October 25, 2007

My husband and I have an unnatural attraction to dishes. Wherever we go, we're always seeing sets we like and try to justify buying more. So far, we've been able to hold back the urge, but as Christmas approaches, so do the dreaded sales. To save ourselves from bankruptcy, we settled on a compromise; we'll buy mugs. When we see a set or piece we really like, we'll buy one mug and add it to our collection. You might ask how many mugs 2 people actually need, but you'd be surprised how long a mug can go unloved and unnoticed, sitting dirty on a nightstand.

I won't say I'm the ring leader in this mug-revolution; Sean craves dishes as much as I do (or more!) . I will say that I do love mugs, especially unusual ones, and have never really met one I didn't like.

Until last weekend.

Last weekend, we went to Canadian Tire to pick up a 5-way grill given to us by my wonderful Sister-in-law Jody, her husband Jeff and son Sawyer (both equally wonderful). On the way to the check-out, we passed through the Dishes isle. Sean's eyes grew big with wonder as he reached for an item half hidden at the back of a lower shelf. In his hands was the ugliest mug I have ever seen. He held it reverently, like some Holy chalice and proclaimed that it would be coming home with us.

I begged. I pleaded. I even suggested we get a whole set of the red dishes he'd been eyeing before. He would not be moved; the mug had to be his.

I love my Husband very much, so he got his mug. I've even promised to not knowingly damage or destroy it.

Of course, accidents do happen...

(picture of ugly mug to be added later today)

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