Thursday, June 7, 2007

Can't I just fast-forward to Monday?

This weekend I embark on yet another Girl Guide Camp. However, this camp is indisputably the worst kind of Guide camp... District Camp.

Duhn duhn duuuuhhh!

Can you tell I'm not thrilled? The problem's not with the girls; again, I have a good group coming along. The problem lies with the adults.

Long ago, I noticed that volunteers (in Guiding at least) can usually be divided into a few universal categories:

  1. Lifers. (I was in it as a kid, and now I'm back because I don't know any better.)
  2. Control Freaks (My marriage is lousy and my work is unfulfilling, and this seems like a good venue to exert the control I lack in other spheres of my life.)
  3. Attention seekers. (Camp? Oh, I'd love to, but I have this back condition, and it's really painful, so I'll be there, but I might be in sooo much pain that I won't be able to help with anything physical. I'll do campfire though- I have a wonderful voice!)
  4. Crazy crafters. (Isn't it wonderful? I made it out of old socks, glitter and fishing line!)
  5. Over-achievers. (Sure, I'll be responsible for that. And that. And that. And I can do that too. Maybe you'd better let me do that for you while I'm at it.)

While everyone has their heart in the right place (I guess), it makes for an uncomfortable mix of personalities. Several of the ladies are quite bossy, and well, I don't take too well to being bossed. However, I'll try to swallow my pride and do what I can to make camp fun and smooth running. My only worry is that they will try to treat my girls like 'helpers'. I've already made it pretty clear that my girls deserve to enjoy camp like any other participant, especially since they're paying to be there. They have enough Moms to help with all that. We'll see how it goes.

On the upside, Camp Olave is a beautiful place and holds so much magic for the little ones and fond memories for the older girls. For most of my girls, it will be their last time at Olave, so I hope it's special.


Anonymous said...

Hey I think I may have run into some of these very same people what, like 12-13 YEARS ago at District Camp!!

No lifer here!!
Watch out this could be you soon!!

Quill said...

No worries Kelly- I'm O-U-T after SOAR this July!!!! 31 more days!

Anonymous said...

Good post.