Friday, May 8, 2009


I think I'm mutating.

I used to daydream about French cooking with butter and eggs and lots of gruyere. Now I catch myself yen-ing after tofu steaks and wondering about the many applications of guar gum. 

Vegan food now brings about salivating instead of gag reflexes, and getting up early to exercise seems like a nice way to start my day.

When did I start being one of those people I so enjoy making fun of? 

It's been exactly a month since I went off the deep end. How do I feel? Marvelous, if somewhat hypocritical. I never actually believed natural mumbo-jumbo and homeopathic pills filled with powdered monkey nuts (or whatever) could fix my broken bits, but they seem to!

I'm enjoying healthy food and exercise again, and have the energy to do things. I'm sleeping (and waking) better and I've had virtually no allergy symptoms. I've also had improvements on other fronts since I started taking supplements for my low thyroid. 

I'm not preaching, I'm just freaking out. I can't believe the changes I'm seeing and feeling. I'm just stupid happy about it all. 

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Jody said...

It's amazing how we can become what we mock. Jeff's aunt, uncle and cousin are vegans so we are exposed to what they eat every summer. They usually "relax" when they are here and eat fish and chicken.