Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thou Shalt Not Eat

Tomorrow is Day # 1 of my crazy-anti-allergy-eating-plan. Over the weekend I bid Adieu to all the things I won't be eating again soon. I feel really gross because of the indulgence, which I think oddly enough will help in these first few days.

Did a little bit of preparatory shopping tonight and anyone peeking in my shopping basket must have taken me for some kind of raw-food-crazed-save-the-whales-freaky-emo-hippy. Or some variation thereof.

Tomorrow, to make things a little easier I'm going to have the Dr's meal replacement shake for breakfast & lunch as recommended. (but I think I'll do chef-like salads for most lunches when I'm in the swing of things) Dinner will be some kind of lemon-herb chicken with rice & salad.

Back to the shopping; I bought some really weird things tonight. One of them is Braggs natural soy sauce. It's made without fermentation, (so no yeast) so I can have it. I also bought stevia, which is a natural sweetener I have tried in the past (and hated, but I'll give it another go), and agave syrop, another natural sweetener. If you're ever in the grocery store and feel like a larf, try looking for a snack food that does not contain wheat, gluten, yeast, citric acid or sugar. Good luck with that. 

There are more rules to the crazy allergy-be-gone regime, like rotating fruits & nuts (and maybe other things, crap I'd better read the booklet again). Basically, If I have strawberries today, I can't have them again for 3 more days. There are reasons behind all this crap, but to tell you the truth, I'm not really caring right now. I'm just going to do it.

Dr. J's Shake Recipe:

Coconut Milk
Rice Protein Powder (yuck)
Stevia (for sweetness, but well see if it's as gross as I remember)
1 kind of Fruit
Flaxseed Oil
Ground Flax

All I can say is it's a damn shame Rum is fermented.


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