Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mad Cow

The cats have gone berserk. But maybe I should start from the beginning...

A week and a half ago, our shipment of cow-ey goodness arrived. I should probably give you a bit of background on that- basically, last spring we agreed to split a quarter of a grass-fed, organic beef with my parents. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line (because my Mom let my Dad do the ordering), wires got crossed, and we ended up with a quarter each. That's 148 Lbs of beef for those of you counting. And yes, that is a heck of a lot of money that we hadn't planned to spend.

When it arrived, I was day 2 into a very bad cold- we're talking plague here- and poor Sean had to bring it all up by himself, but I helped get it into the freezer.

So we have a considerable investment of the bovine variety in our freezer. Then of course, murphy's law kicks in and... we lose power... for 24 hours. Luckily, the freezer is a good one, and we piled some blankets on top to insulate it, so all's well.

Why did we lose power you ask? Well, there was a gigantic fire on the next street over; a newly built condo complex went up in flames and the blaze spread to adjacent buildings... did I mention that we're adjacent? It was very, very scary, I was home sick and ran around packing up a bag of essentials and important documents aswell as trying to get the cats into their carrying cages in case we had to evacuate (by that time phase 1 of our complex had already been given the order to evacuate, so I wasn't even overreacting). We never did have to evacuate, but our power went out shortly after I started to relax again. Take a look at the fire for yourself below.

Anyways, back to the cats, we had some wonderful burgers from our beef stockpile (because thankfully if one has a BBQ & a flashlight, one can still cook dinner!) and the cats were going crazy begging for raw burger. I relented and they both had some, which is weird because Max usually doesn't like to eat anything other than catfood. Ever since, they've been tearing around like maniacs at all hours and I swear, our crazy downstairs neighbour is going to sue us for harassment. I think she probably has mad cow too.

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