Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cleaning Day

Today is a beautiful warm sunny Vancouver day, and as such, we are stuck indoors. Today we are cleaning.

Housework in the Quinn (West) household is patchy at best. We are both messy people, and neither of us enjoy cleaning up after ourselves. We have household chores divided, and are supposed to do them weekly, but somehow, we often find something better to do.

Well, the plumber is coming tomorrow and the ant guy (our building is waging an ongoing battle with pharaoh ants) is coming Wednesday. This means we clean today, because while it may to acceptable to us, I prefer our filth to stay out of public view.

Right now Sean is vacuuming, which I am very thankful for. We may have differing opinions on how to vacuum (I pick things up as I go, and move furniture to vacuum underneath, while Sean is the master of vacuuming around the obstacles) but I run around before and pick everything up, and he does a good job. I'm happy for the help.

Sean's also been doing a lot of dishes by hand lately, as our dishwasher packed it in. I've been trying really, really hard to use as few dishes as possible. Plumber guy will be by tomorrow to install the new dishwasher and remove the broken old stupid garborator and plumb up the hole. Yay! Two working sinks at last!

I've been washing and folding laundry, and even putting it away. After Sean's done vacuuming, I'll attack the kitchen- mopping, wiping, cleaning, etc. I'm even going to wash under the sink (for the plumber's benefit) which I rarely do because I prefer to pretend it does not exist. A couple weekends ago we cleaned out the spare bedroom and got rid of A LOT of crap and stuff we don't use, so we're well on our way to having a place to be proud of!

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